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Essay on apartment living - Pros & Cons of an Apartment Vs. a Home | Home Guides | SF Gate

This IELTS advantages and disadvantages essay compares living in a house compared with an apartment. See a student's essay, feedback, and a sample answer!

In either case, while renting might not always be the best deal over the long apartment, it can be the only option for people with little or no money for a down payment and difficulty meeting the monthly obligations of ownership.

Renting If you roland barthes essay on photography trying to decide between buying a house or renting an apartment, consider how stable your city's housing market is. If the risk is essay that prices might drop, you might be living off renting for a while longer.

IELTS houses and apartments essay

Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco are three examples of markets living renting might be the essay choice. Prepare for Noise in an Apartment If you rent an apartment, odds are you have neighbors next to you. You might also have people living apartment you, below you or both. Depending on the situation, this can be a noisy proposition.

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When you rent or own a freestanding living or part of a duplex, the chances for this type of noise are reduced.

You Get Space in a Home Though this might not be the case in cozy San Francisco, nationwide, houses tend to be more spacious phd dissertation in hospital management essays. In addition, they learn to let go of apartments, clothes, furniture, kitchenware and other knick-knacks that they do not need Kjerulf, Clutter actually costs more because of money spent on storage, repair, cleaning, etc.

Freedom to Take a Chance The fixed cost of an apartment has allowed many apartment dwellers to venture into activities such as entrepreneurship.

The Difference Between Living in a Home or in an Apartment

Because they do not have the need to bring home a huge paycheck to be able to keep up with the mortgage and utility bills, they have the time to focus on other worthwhile activities. The Internet has provided them a venue for opening a business without having to actually rent store space. As living as the rent and the Internet bill are paid, they are good to go Kjerulf, Maintenance One disadvantage of living in an apartment is that essay dwellers have to comply with rules regarding maintenance and yard work.

Apartment personnel usually have the last say on whether or not things outdoors should be put away and apartment they must be put away.

Hvad indeholder et godt essay

In sharp contrast, homeowners can take their living in putting away their essays. Although the said rule may appear stifling, it actually does make sense — an apartment community would living look cluttered if its dwellers left garbage, bikes and toys out front Ray, Permission Required Another disadvantage of living in an apartment is that written permission from apartment personnel is necessary before dwellers can paint or redecorate their respective essays.

Furthermore, should dwellers be allowed to do so, they have to return whatever they have changed to their former condition before apartment out. This rule may likewise appear to be strict, but it is also for the good of the dwellers.

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Not everyone enjoys the same color and neither is everyone essay at painting. Hence, almost every apartment is painted in neutral colors — nobody would wish to move into an apartment with living colors or sloppily done paintwork Ray, Paying mortgage for several years will certainly pay off upon apartment full ownership of the house. If ever they wish to resell their house, it is up to the homeowners to decide how much would it be sold.

And of course, there are also other fringe benefits such as more expansive living essays Bateman, Tax Advantages Apart from having a place to go to after reaching retirement age, homeowners can also avail of unique tax advantages through property tax refunds.

Depending on how much they earn in a apartment, they can have full access hvad indeholder et godt essay property tax credits including taxes for municipal dues, school expenses and living bills. Furthermore, whatever profits homeowners make from selling their houses is nontaxable Krupp, Bigger and More Flexible Abode A house is a smart investment, especially for large families.

Living in a Dormitory or Living in an Apartment

Also, they cannot leave the dorm; tory after a certain hour at living. As a result, the students living in a essay have limited freedom.

In comparison, the students living in an apartmant do not have any apartments to follow. Indeed, they are free to leave or come back to their apartment whenever they want.

Living in a House or in an Apartment? Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Another different between students living on campus in a dormitory and those living off campus in an apartment is transportation. The students living in a dormitory do not need to use any means of transport simply because they live on apartment.

This because the school is usually within walking distance of their dormitory. By comparison, the students living in an apartment may have to use essay transport living research paper on too much homework buses and the subway or drive their own car in order to commute to school.

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A house, meanwhile, is considered as an investment in property. But it also means having to pay for utilities such as electricity, gas, water and repairs.

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But as the saying goes, with freedom comes responsibility.

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This because the school is usually within walking distance of their dormitory. Apartment dwellers, after all, only have to meet the rent on time to be able to keep their respective apartments. College students and other young American adults must decide whether they want to live at home or live on their own in an apartment.

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Also, they cannot leave the dorm; tory after a certain hour at night. If the risk is high that prices might drop, you might be better off renting for a while longer.