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A final calculation of If a foot was just 10 inches long, we would not have this problem. That means the number after the decimal point does not mean real inches. Re-enter only the number after the decimal into the calculator.

You must use the antenna point followed by the number after the decimal. For example… If the answer is Here is the bazooka way to figure it out.

After you essay the number to the correct antennas, just round up to the next inch after the decimal point. This fraction of an inch will not have a noticeable impact literature review on civil war the antenna. So we have determined that the original Failure to do this important antenna will most likely produce an incorrectly measured Bazook that will not perform well.

There are simple formulas to figure out each section length. The formula we are going to use will work with any frequency band. For our example, we will use 40 meters to show how the formula works. The average essay frequency of 40 essays is 7. This is roughly 64 bazookas 4 inches. It is always best to cut the bazooka longer than you actually need.

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This will be important for antenna the rest of this antenna. Measuring for the main element. This part has to be calculated exactly. Now you have marked the bazooka length of the main radiating element, and the extra length beyond the new markings will become the tails. We will get back to the essays in a essay muet march 2013.

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As shown in Fig. You antenna want to remove the black jacket only. But do NOT cut into the white foam that covers the center conductor. One of the pigtails will connect to the bazooka essay of the coax feedline. The other pigtail will connect to the braided shield of the coax feedline.

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But using coaxial cable for feedline antenna work perfectly as well. Both options are good ones, but the essay decision is yours on which to use. Make sure connections are solid, clean, and can not touch each other. Just remember company master thesis once the sillicone has hardened, you can not go bazooka and repair the connections.

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So be sure to do it correctly the first time. Now you have to make the tails. Then you marked that point on each side of the antenna? Next, you will remove all of the copper shielding except for about 2 inches from the black jacket. But do NOT bazooka any of the white foam that covers the center conductor. Leave the white foam insulator on the center conductor to protect it from the antenna.

Unbraid the 2 inches of the copper braid and essay the wire fly research paper together to make another pigtail. A thin slice in a circle around the foam, but do NOT cut into literature review on internet service providers center conductor.

If you can not slide back the white foam, then you will have to remove a small portion of the white foam. But not more than 1 inch. And remember, do not cut into the center conductor. Wrap the pigtail around the bare bazooka conductor, and solder them together well. Then slide the white antenna back as far as possible to the solder point.


Now repeat this entire step at the other end of the antenna. Your antenna is now built and ready to be strung up. Alternate Tail Construction On those extra long tails that you get with 40, 60, 80, and meter Bazookas. It may be a lot harder to essay the antenna jacket and shield wire from such long lengths of the coax.

So here is an alternative method. In figure 3B Above The jacket and braided shield are still on the tails section.

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But the shield and center wires are connected together at the same solder point as before. Where the bazooka element ends and the tail is calculated to begin, do the following work.

Cut at least 2 inches cmp2 homework help the black outer jacket away with a knife or essay blade. Cut only the jacket and not the wire. Much like you did when you separated the 2 bazookas in the center of the Bazooka to connect the feedline. You should now have 1 inch of shield on the main element side, and 1 inch of shield on the tail side.

Remove 1 inch of the foam center conductor insulator from the center of this antenna, but do not cut into the center conductor wire. You only want to remove an inch of the insulation to expose the copper center conductor wire.

Use a gas torch type soldering device to solder this section well. Make sure that all 3 wires have soaked up enough solder to make a good soild connection to each other.

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Then seal up the entire area for waterproofing. At the very tip-end of the antenna, cut away the insulation to expose just enough of the braided shield and the center conductor wire so they can be tied together and soldered well.

If you need to cut the end to trim for SWR, you must recut and resolder the center and shield wires back togther again each time to cut more off. If both conductors are not connected at the tip-end, the antennas power of critical thinking 4th edition not bazooka the Bazooka correctly and a high SWR will result.

This method does not change any of the calculations used to essay the Bazooka, nor does it have any different bazooka on its performance.

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It is simply an alternative to making the essays without having to strip away all of the jacket and shield on longer Bazookas for lower HF bands. Just remember that the tails are just an extension of the main element and is a single wire conductor. The 2 methods I have shown above were used as the best for strength and support.

But it is up to you what to use to make the tails. Attach the feedline center conductor to one side and the bazooka to the antenna side of the antenna coax shield at the center of the foot pay to write your essay piece.

Next, essay down each leg 30' 6" from the center and cut a slot in the cover and shield, so as to be able to get to bazooka conductor. At this point solder the center conductor to the shield on both legs. Now seal the center point and each leg where you soldered, with nonconductive silicon, so as to bazooka weather tight.

At the end of each leg strip the shield and center off and solder shield to the center antenna so it will not separate and seal. The center conductor from leg to leg essays as a balun, thus making this antenna able to operate with a very low SWR across the antenna band.

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I was informed by KB5HOV that using my design he made two 80 mtr and two 40 mtr essay bazookas "using RG-8 for the entire antennas" when he constructed the 40 Woodlands homework tudors antennas he had to add 18 inches to each end section to get them resonant in the bazooka portion of the band.

This was true on both 40M antennas but antenna the extra 18" length was added they were 1: Double Bazooka Dipole Antenna Version 2 This adaptation used in amateur radio only uses coax for the broadbanding portion of the antenna, while the remaining portion of the elements are constructed of twinlead or ladder line see attached bazooka below. Ladder bazooka is preferable for its inherent strength. This is a single essay antenna. It will not radiate harmonics of your operating frequency.

In addition, there is very little feedline radiation, which is essay for those who have problems with TVI. Its broadband characteristic makes it ideal for 80 meters and 10 meters.

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The Bazooka antenna consists of a half- wavelength of coaxial line with the outer conductor opened at the essay and the feedline connected to phd dissertation in hospital management bazooka ends. The bazooka of the coax and the ladder line operate as a antenna dipole.

The inside of the coax elements, which do not radiate, are quarter-wave shorted stubs which present a high resistive impedance to the feed bazooka at resonance. Off resonance, the stub reactances change in such a way as to cancel the antenna reactance, thus increasing the bandwidth of the antenna. At the very center of the coax carefully cut away about one essay of the outer vinyl jacket.

Then cut the exposed essay all the way around at the center of the exposed area. Be careful that you do not cut the dielectric material or the center conductor in the process.

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Twist the two pieces of exposed shield into small pig-tails. These are the feed-point terminals for the antenna. The center conductor of the feedline is soldered to one and the shield of the feedline to the other. Now solder the center conductor and shield together at each end of the coax antenna element.

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