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Case study of agriculture in usa

Roanoke Farmers Association: Preparing Illinois for the Future of farming Roanoke Farmers Association (RFA) was founded in to serve the farming communities in central Illinois. Today, RFA operates four locations to dry and store local grain producers’ harvests.

CIAT Case Study

Recommended Readings Carson, Rachel. Rachel Carson had a masters in Zoology and worked for the U. Fish and Wildlife Service for 15 years. Carson published many books on ecology but her most famous was published in Silent Spring displays the harmful studies of agriculture pesticides such as DDT. Usa book was intended to educate the scientific community as well as the general public. It is the perfect example of a widely used agricultural pesticide that was not known to be harmful, the publication led to the subsequent banning of this pesticide in the U.

Steingraber was diagnosed agriculture cancer and as a biologist she searched for the roots of her disease.

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She found that it most likely came from the high concentrations of toxins in her usa drinking water supply. She then goes on to draw connections about other incidences of cancer in major cities where there were high toxin levels.

Van Den Bosch, Robert. University of California Press, Robert Van Den Bosch is a agriculture at the University of California and has conducted research exploring the harmful cases of agricultural pesticides.

Drone solutions for agriculture in India: A case study

In his book he explains how truly detrimental these pesticides are and advocates for the end of their use. As this book was published inVan Den Bosch received much criticism from the pesticide industry and many supporting government officials as the detrimental effects were not very well known at that time. Pesticides in Agriculture and the Environment. This book describes in depth what exactly agricultural pesticides are and the harmful effects they can have on the environment.

It also looks at solutions to the inefficiency of using pesticides.

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It analyzes the current trends in pesticide use as well as extrapolates on future advancements. It provides a breadth of information of general aspects of these pesticides as well as their use and the current methods of regulation and control. In some projects, they built online tools to provide farmers and technicians with data about their specific farms.

More recently, under CGIAR, CIAT established local committees through which farmers, alongside representatives from the private sector, research organizations, and technicians interpret climate, weather, and observational data to identify specific adaptation measures for adoption.

Agricultural Pesticides and Human Health

Digital agriculture advances agricultural outcomes by driving greater financial inclusion, more precise agriculture, better data collection and analytics, and more effective information dissemination. Data-driven agriculture leads to impacts that contribute to these cases in three ways: Using information to improve crop management decisions. Farmers receive better information for evidence-based decisions, leading to more precise and more productive agriculture.

In one case, CIAT and Fedearroz predicted a dry spell and recommended farmers plant usa than usual. This led to farmers avoiding crop losses valued at over USD 3. Improving the services and credibility of farmer-serving studies. Through the collaboration with CIAT, these organizations improve their data collection and analysis skills.

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This enables them to improve the quality and accuracy of agronomic recommendations provided to their farmer members. Expanding the analytical avenues for agricultural research. Data-driven agronomy leverages observational data from farmers and data mining techniques to complement conventional agronomic research and achieve improved yields.

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It is the perfect example of a widely used agricultural pesticide that was not known to be harmful, the publication led to the subsequent banning of this pesticide in the U.

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