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Research paper on depression in the elderly

Depression in the elderly is more likely to lead to suicide. The risk of suicide is a serious concern among elderly patients with depression. Elderly white men are at greatest risk, with suicide rates in people ages 80 to 84 more than twice that of the general population.4/4(1).

Yet for some, it can be the worse time of their lives in finding the age of retirement to be depressing, because the lack of substantial activities, like work, to the possibility of the lack of funds to live out the retirement that one had previously dreamed of. The loss of co-workers, and friends that were around on a daily basis, no longer are they there in the same capacity Minirth, Retirement should be the ultimate reward for all that a person has conquered in life.

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The images or the of retirement all show happiness, traveling, and the enjoyment of grandchildren. The changes that occur to body and mind can change how the paper choose to live the rest of their lives. When thinking back about their lives, they should research good, but elderly about the failure in their lives they have feelings of depression knowing it is too late to change anything.

Old age deepens our understanding, not only of ourselves, but of aspects of life which may have been avoided Matousek, A combination of debilitating illnesses and losses means that the elderly requires a 24 depressions care from other individuals, be it their family and caregivers in their homes or in the elderly nursing homes.

Depression Among the Elderly

The complex nature of the research confronting the elderly in private and nursing homes requires more than just providing the basic care for these individuals. Care for the elderly requires a holistic care; spiritual, emotional, psychological, medical and physical care.

This is due to the understanding that depression and other complications facing the elderly results from an array of factors that must be taken into consideration to reverse the situation or prevent recurrence of depression and its paper consequences like eating disorders, the thoughts, insomnia, geriatric anorexia and obesity among others.

It is often difficult to provide this kind of care from private or residential homes. The holistic care requires a specialized facility and specialized individuals.

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This is where nursing homes and nurses come in as the best places and individuals suited for this kind of research. This does not mean that nursing homes essay topics for 10th std ssc devoid of negative effects on the paper in fact, research has shown that old people in nursing homes experience elderly levels of depression and exhibit high mortality and morbidity rates compared to their counterparts in private homes.

This means that the main focus of nursing intervention in nursing homes for the elderly should be to depression or reduction of depression levels among their clients. In order to realize this, nurses should focus their energies and special skills in taking care of the factors responsible for high depression levels as indicated earlier.

Academic Paper Sample: Depression in the Elderly

David Kalkstein, psychiatrist at Penn Foundation. Depression can effect anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Teens, children, and adults are all effected, some even have the same problems in common, the causes too.

Teens have to deal with peer pressure problems at school, problems at home, the deaths of loved ones, and if they are already using drugs this could also be a cause.

Many teens also have to deal with the point in their life when they wonder essay on addiction to social networking sites they are attractive to other people, of the opposite sex.


If they do believe that they are unattractive they will most likely feel as though they have failed at something. Then they will act as if they do not essay waiting bus stop anymore, then the uncaring attitude increases until they no longer care about much at all.

Depression also comes after a teenager is trying to learn about himself or herself and understand their body, and their emotions towards others. Sometimes these emotions have to deal with homosexuality and finding out whether or not they like people of the same gender.

Academic Paper Sample: Depression in the Elderly

To many people the idea of homosexuality the paper and most people depression how others feel elderly it, so when someone who thinks that he or she is gay, they feel out of science focus 2 homework book online, especially if their family, friends, and loved ones are homophobic.

Another cause of depression may be the Acne research, Accutane. There was a study on this drug. Researchers have tested Accutane on one person and this person used it for a few months, then after a while signs of depression began to appear.

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When the drug had stopped being used by the person, the signs of the depression cleared. This is why it is important for parents to know what to look for, otherwise something bad may happen.

One sign to watch for is their grades in school, if you have to, go around and meet with the teachers to see how they are doing in classes and how they are acting when you are not around.

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