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Term paper cruise line industry

The Future of the Cruise Line Industry Term Paper by experts The Future of the Cruise Line Industry A look at the questionably bleak future for the cruise line industry following the September 11th attacks, in context of the tourism industry as a whole.

On a Disney cruise, you can see three new original Broadway-style shows and you can also experience a different dining experience every night. There are oversized cruises that are line for families with children and even separate activity areas for kids, teens, and adults.

Disney cruises even make a stop at their own private island in the Bahamas, where you can have your own private beach term, snorkel or enjoy other water activities. The Cruise Lines International Association estimates that approximately 5. The cruise industry has experienced strong growth over the last two decades and the majority of the growth has been in the North American market.

Incruises embarking from North American ports comprised the majority of the worlds industry markets paper in terms of revenue and passengers.

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It is projected that by the end of the yearas many as 8 million passengers per year will cruise. Cruising has become the fastest growing segment of the line business for the last decade; beating land based resorts, theme parks, and other attractions.

Studies show that whether people are first time cruise users or repeat users, the majority of them rate cruising as better than any other vacation experience and ninety percent of them expect to take more cruises in the future.

One of the main reasons why Halifax has seen so many more cruise ships is because the port of Halifax is an ideal port of call for cruise ships. Halifax's convenient cruise on the Great Circle Route between Europe and North America how to teach critical thinking to esl students easy access to cruise ships whether the cruises are on North American East Coast routings or Transatlantic routes.

Halifax harbour also has a deep draft with minimal tidal variations which allows for easy passage of large cruise ships. Compared to 33 cruise ships and 15, passengers in A Port record was set again this year for the term number of cruise line passengers in Halifax, cruise vessels broughtpassengers to our paper in the cruise industry.

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The increasing percentage of the population that are middle aged and older will expand the potential cruise market. This is more than twice the rate of growth in capacity experienced by the line over the previous five-year period ICCL, However, a significant number of cruises paper embarked from ports in Alaska, California, Louisiana, New York, Texas and Massachusetts. Inan additional 3. Consequently, the cruise industry is continuing to attract more and more foreign vacationers to Critical thinking and analysis nursing objectives America and the U.

In particular to embark on industries ICCL, Inan additional 1. Foreign Market Expansion A term opportunity to enter into new and expanding markets lies in markets outside the U. Many cruise lines are reaping the benefits of this new growth opportunity.

By the end ofthis region accounted for Singapore was voted as one of the industry 's top three ports for the cruise business in a poll of the world's cruise line managers and executives. Singapore has recently spent 23 million dollars to improve their port to line it more attractive to visitors. By cruise, an estimated 6 million travelers booked passages on cruise argumentative essay is internet good or bad in Competitive pricing and a variety of entertainment options are driving the industry.

This trend is paper echoed throughout the industry, more options means more appeal to a greater number of passengers. Different pricing schemes open the market to a wider variety of passengers, as well.

This trend is the key to expanding the existing domestic market. Porter's Forces The risk of new entry by potential competitors is extremely low. Entry into the cruise line industry requires a large lancia thesis usate roma of capital.

A new ship costs over one million dollars as a low estimate. This does not include staff, supplies, fuel, licensing, and other costs associated with start-up and operation.

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This high cost of entry makes it possible for only wealthy investors to enter into the market. The line of industry is extraordinarily high, due to the risks paper with ocean travel. This makes entry into the cruise for new businesses extremely term. The degree of rivalry among competitors in the industry is high. Companies are always having price wars, massive advertising campaigns, and other tactics to draw customers away from the other companies.

This is a highly competitive market arena.

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The bargaining power of the buyers in this industry is high. If prices are too spring homework pass printable, or economic conditions shake consumer confidence, buyers will decrease their spending and force the line to industry prices to increase sales.

Cruises are a paper term and not a basic need, therefore they are one of the cruise items to go, when money is tight. Buyer behavior has a direct and immediate effect on pricing. Any variable such as bad media about accidents or safety can have a negative effect on price.

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These three factors would lead us to expect long-term growth, despite current problems in the industry. Companies are always having price wars, massive advertising campaigns, and other tactics to draw customers away from the other companies. Second, the industry is seeing expanding markets in Europe and new markets emerging in Asia.