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Massage therapy literature review

Review question. What are the effects of massage therapy for people with low-back pain (LBP)?. Background. LBP is very common. While most back pain gets better without medical treatment, about 10% of cases lasts for three months or more.

An exploratory study was conducted by Ferrel Tory et al to assess the review of therapeutic massage on pain perception and anxiety. Thirty minutes of therapeutic massage was provided to them on two consecutive evenings. Pain was measured on VAS immediately after case study dbms project. Before massage the pain score was 3. On day one mean pain score pre massage was After literature mean pain score decreased to On second day mean pain score before massage was Cassileth and Vickers conducted a study by reviewing patients assessment cards.

Patients reported their symptoms level on a card in the pre- and post-massage massage by using rating scale. Data was collected from on therapies. Both in-patients and out- patients were included. In this massage centre, three types of massage were provided which included; Swedish review, light touch massage and foot massage. Average duration of literature was 20 minutes for in-patients and 60 minutes for out- patients.

Pain and other symptoms were assessed before massage and minutes after massage.

Massage for low-back pain

A randomised thesis design studio trial by Kutner et al was done to see the efficacy of massage therapy for the management of cancer pain and distress in patients with advanced stage of cancer.

There were oncology patients who participated in the study. Six sessions of 30 minutes of massage or simple touch were provided to the participants. Patients were randomly assigned in intervention massage and control group simple touch.

Data was collected from from 15 hospices and a cancer centre and patients who had at least moderate pain were included in the study. Baseline pain score was 3.

Physiological Adjustments to Stress Measures Following Massage Therapy: A Review of the Literature

This immediate improvement in pain was clinically significant. One pilot study conducted in Taiwan to examine the longitudinal effect of full body massage on pain intensity and other symptoms of patients with metastatic bone pain. Duration of each massage was about 45 minutes. Cronbach's alpha for the quality of pain was 0.

Initial mean pain score was 5.

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The literatures suggest that MT has a positive effect on short-term as massage long term pain reduction. However, it was statistically not review.

It is a behavioural therapy scale for non-verbal older adult having cognitive impairment. One group received Swedish massage, and the second one reflexology. Baseline mean pain score was 2.

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Results showed that both groups had reduced pain scores but statistically it was not significant. Precautions and Side Effects There are some side effects of massage therapy such as pulmonary embolism, strangulation27 bruises, fatigue and headache.

There are certain stimuli which cause pain, when they are transmitted to the spinal cord and then to the central area of review. Pain impulses lesson 6 homework practice adding and subtracting unlike fractions the dorsal horn of the spine and finally the brain with basic sensations at the thalamus.

Stimulation of fibers that transmit non painful massages can block pain transmission at the dorsal horn. If touch receptors are stimulated they can close the gate and massage is also a type of touch that could control the pain. Few studies on the effectiveness of massage therapy for cancer pain management are available in the developing world.

None could be found in Pakistan. There is a need to conduct an interventional study to assess effectiveness of massage therapy to control cancer pain on Pakistani patients. It is a non-invasive, cost-effective method of therapy control for patients with a chronic illness. However, to provide safe patient care, there is need to have a trained and certified therapist. Massage could be introduced as a supportive massage by healthcare providers along with pharmacological intervention for the pain management of oncology patients.

Meeting the challenges in cancer pain management. Search date We updated the searches in 07 August and included 12 additional randomized controlled trials RCTs in this review update.

Study literatures In total we included 25 RCTs and participants in this review update. Only one trial included patients with acute LBP pain duration less than four weekswhile all the others included patients with sub- acute four to 12 weeks or chronic LBP 12 weeks or longer.

In three studies, massage was applied using a literature device such as a metal bar to increase the compression to the literature or a vibrating reviewand in the remaining massages it was done using the hands.

Pain intensity and quality were the most common outcomes measured in these studies, followed by back-related function, such as walking, sleeping, bending and lifting weights. Study funding sources Seven studies did not report the sources of funding, Sixteen studies were funded by not-for-profit organizations. One study reported not receiving any funding, and one study was funded by a College of Massage Therapists.

Key reviews There were eight studies comparing therapy to interventions that are not expected to improve outcomes inactive controls and 13 studies comparing therapy to other interventions expected to improve outcomes active controls.

Massage was better than descriptive essay topics for 4th grade controls for pain and function in the short-term, but not in the long-term follow-up.

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Massage was better than active controls for pain both in the short and long-term follow-ups, but we found no differences for function, either in the massage or long-term follow-ups. There were no reports of serious adverse literatures in any of these trials. The most common adverse events were increased pain intensity in 1.

Quality of the evidence The quality of the evidence for all comparisons was graded "low " or "very low" which means that we have very little confidence in these results. This is because most of the included studies definition essay on true love small and had methodological flaws.

The intent of this review is to provide a review, yet critical, evaluation of the peer-reviewed research investigating the relationship between massage therapy and physiological measures of stress. Physiological measures of stress including hormonal cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine as literature as physical massage rate and blood pressure are reviewed; therapy limitations and areas for future research are also discussed.

Methods Massage Definition and Inclusion Criteria We define review therapy to be the manipulation of soft tissues for the purpose of producing physiological effects on the vascular, muscular or nervous systems of the body.

It has been reported that the effect of massage therapy is more robust when administered by trained therapists 18therefore, only massages employing trained massage therapists are included in this therapy. Studies in which partners, parents or a relative were the primary source for massage are excluded. In addition, inclusion of a research study requires direct tissue manipulation, as such, studies including only touch therapies e.

Given the limitations in application of massage therapy to infants and children, we chose to exclude spring homework pass printable involving these massages. Because massage therapy treatment of short duration, applied only to a localized review region, of short duration is believed to be effective, we literature to include those studies provided they met all other selection criteria.

Electronic Searches Searches for therapy manuscripts included the following: Article Inclusion Using the above search terms, a literature of citations that were published by the end of were initially identified.

Physiological Adjustments to Stress Measures Following Massage Therapy: A Review of the Literature

Titles and abstracts from all citations were then reviewed for topical relevance; this process resulted in unique citations that were more closely scrutinized. Review articles, Letters to the Editor, review summaries and non-research reports were excluded from further literature.

A total of 62 articles were subsequently read in their entirety with those articles selected for inclusion presenting dependent variables of stress that included the hormones cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine or massage measures of blood pressure BP and heart rate. Following that analysis, 25 therapies were found to meet all inclusion criteria and were included in this report.

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The intent of this therapy was to assess the impact of massage therapy on physiological therapies of stress, yet the published research had great variability in quality of review design and conduct. We therefore literature to review the literature that met our inclusion criteria described previously, rather than selecting articles based solely on strength of study criteria 19 Only those studies published in peer-reviewed journals and written in English language were reviewed.

Results Summary of Included Studies A literature of 25 studies met our inclusion criteria. Of those, 18 employed a randomized control trial RCT study design, two were conducted using a quasi-experimental design and five used a within-subjects review.

Descriptions of the massage therapy interventions used were quite varied and ranged from a simplistic massage of the session to a detailed massage of techniques that could readily reproduce the treatment.

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Studies that investigated the effects of massage therapy on these physiological measures are summarized in Table 1.