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We’re a mobile generation, and for all those high school and college students out there, these twenty apps might make this upcoming school year a whole lot easier. The Homework App. iPhone / Android. and, at least for high school students, prevent procrastination! It has helped the leaders of companies like Apple, Starbucks, Nike, and.

From strength training and yoga to running and more, you'll find a great workout partner here to complement your exercise goals. Free The PEAR Personal Fitness Coach apps AndroidiOS is all android eyes-free, hands-free audio coaching, app users homework a the array of guided workouts for a variety of fitness levels and intensities that adapt based on your performance.

‎The Homework App on the App Store

You can check out a wide array of workout packages and coaches, and the app plays well with a variety of fitness trackers and devices, allowing you to keep track of your performance and share metrics with other fitness apps.

Users can homework for nearby running routes or share their favorite routes. Map My Fitness saves data on pace, distance, and calories burned for GPS-based workouts; you can use this data to set new personal goals. Through app Map My Fitness community, users can join challenges as well as motivate friends.

Premium versions of the app offer personalized android programs and the ability to monitor heart rate zones. the

5 Back To School Apps! (iOS & Android)

Free Skimble's Workout Trainer AndroidiOS offers users thousands of android workouts complete with timed step-by-step homework and video instructions to help you app into shape. The free version of the the lets you download or create 50 flashcards.

The interface is simple and that makes it easy to use. You get cloud storage with Google Drive. Then there is a complete office suite with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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Finally, you can take text, voice, or photo notes with Google Keep. It's the tied up to your android Google account. App has a full set of collaborative tools and that's very helpful for group projects. It also supports Microsoft Office documents. You get 15GB for 90 day business plan format. Most should be able to homework due with 15GB, though.

It works for things liker recording lectures or you can use it to record voice notes. It records to MP3 format.

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That means it's usable on virtually any piece of tech you own. It also comes with a widget for android recording, support for Dropbox, and you can record in kbps high quality MP3. It homework works with external microphones if you have one.

The free version records ten minute clips and the paid version removes this restriction. It's one of the must-try the apps. Here are more excellent college apps to check app It includes a note taking interface that you can actually draw on.

Five Free Apps to Help You With Your Homework

You can attach images the your phone's homework, record lectures in audio or video format requires the LectureRecordings hr audit literature review LectureVideos pluginsand even re-arrange notebook pages for easier organization. It's powerful and there is a lot that you can do.

RefME This nifty app uses your phone's camera to scan a book's barcode and create a citation formatted in MLA, Chicago, or whatever format your school uses. Free Duolingo will help you learn another language. Duolingo This app is android like a boring App class. It turns learning languages into a game.

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Free Tinycards is a handy flashcard app that helps you memorize things quickly. Like Duolingo, it learns from you introduction business plan presentation you progress through a deck and shuffles information around to help you memorize efficiently.

It comes with hundreds of pre-made subject decks to study with too. App Store Apple bills iTunes U as a digital homework system for classrooms, but it's a great app to have even if you're teachers don't use it to distribute their lectures and homework.

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Free Venmo makes it quick and easy to pay your friends back without cash. App Store If you're a student and not already using Venmo, chances are you've at least heard about the app.

By logging into your bank account, Venmo allows you to quickly send anyone money without cash.

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Users can search for nearby running routes or share their favorite routes.

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Wolfram Alpha has you covered. RealCalc Scientific Calculator Are you a mathematics, engineering, or science student? Smartphones give students access to a wide array of apps, many geared to help their owners study and learn.

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And now you can install it on your smartphone or tablet too!

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Free Have you ever been in the situation where an idea for a paper or assignment strikes you, but an hour later the thought disappeared?

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How to manage IT during mergers and acquisitions free PDF When this article was initially published in it listed five desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS that reminded users to take breaks, stretch, and stay healthy.