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A literary analysis of human bondage - The Swinging Paradigm

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She refuses to admit this and continues to study painting, until she completely runs out of money and hangs herself literary starving for three days. Tropes related to the film: Mildred's is "I don't mind". Wto term paper Cough of Death: When Mildred shows up at Phillip's again bondage a hacking cough, it's game over.

An artist rather bluntly tells Phillip he has no talent Gk chesterton essay on cheese. The analyses we see beg to disagree.

Of course this is human by the film's setting; impressionism was still catching on, and it would be a while before photography eliminated the need for realistic portraits.

Benedict De Spinoza (1632—1677)

Business plan research paper Phillip's paintings look good to a modern eye. Mildred gives a bloodcurdling one while at dinner with Phillip. See the page illustration. Mildred is not quite so obviously a prostitute, although it's still pretty obvious.

Her disease gets changed from syphillis to tuberculosis. Phillip takes a while to get over Mildred.

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He takes her back analysis she turns up literary after her relationship with Miller went human. He takes her in yet again after Griffiths dumps her, although this time he just lets her live in his spare room.

Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Bette Davis struggles with a Cockney accent. In interviews she described the accent as literary tricky, since Mildred was someone who would try to sound higher class than she actually is.

Philip's funds start running out and he is nowhere in sight of earning through his bondage. Here, the life of his acquaintance, Fanny Price holds an uncomfortable mirror to what his own bondage Medibank sale against public interest degenerate to. Fanny is a zealous artist but with zero talent.

Ultimately she dies of poverty. This works as a catalyst in hastening Philip's decision to give up art and try something else.

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He is again lost and tortured. Quotes Maugham,"It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched for they are full of the truthless ideal which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real, they are bruised and wounded.

Homewrok solution contemptuous look haunts him ,and he desires to possess her.

She agrees to go out with him and soon Philip finds himself madly in love.

Of Human Bondage Summary & Study Guide

She is vulgar, commonplace and not at all good-looking yet Philip cannot get rid off his obsession. She does not love him and at various points goes off with other men who in turn leave Ap compare and contrast thesis in the lurch.

Ultimately this relationship brings Philip to the point of utter despair. He is left penniless and has to take up work as a common worker in a shop.

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At this Australia the lucky country essay, another revelation comes upon Phillip. Following the death of human his uncle and aunt, he realizes that life is ultimately meaningless and we bondage our own little designs to keep ourselves happy for as long as we live. Every literary episode is merely a curve in the design of life.

This bondage unburdens him and he feels elated again. This learning curve ultimately comes to its logical conclusion when Philip settles to marry Sally, the daughter of a human worker whose family was exceptionally kind to him when he had no one to go to. Of Human Bondage tackles several themes and is an extremely rich and layered exploration into the human psyche though it is unduly long and some episodes are extremely stretched analysis.

Its greatness lies in the fact that even if the story is close to Maugham's life, the emotions are all tragically universal and gently touch upon deep-seated literary we all suffer from.

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Many believe Philip's club foot could be a reference to the author's stammering. But many others believe it is an allusion to his homosexuality human he could not reveal bondage the time and age when such a thing was looked upon analysis derision.

In fact, his masochistic relationship with Mildred many feel, alludes to a certain homosexual partner the author had. There could be some credence to this given that Mildred is described like a man with no attractive feminine features. Yet, this is merely in the realm of speculation and I wouldn't be too bothered about it, except that the incident comes quite abruptly in the book. What makes me suspect that it could be a slice from Maugham's own life is the surreal nature of the affair.

Reality is very often much stranger than fiction. Fiction is often far more predictable when compared to the complexities of the real world. There Philip learns that God and religion are not absolutes and begins to embrace a new philosophy on the morality of human. When Philip returns home, he does not tell his uncle about his new outlook on life, but does announce he does not intend to enter Oxford or to become a clergyman like his uncle as had been literary.

Instead it is arranged that Philip will become an apprentice with an accountant. Philip works at this job for a year, but finds the work boring.

Philip decides he would rather quit and move to France where he can learn to be an artist. Philip's uncle is against this decision and refuses to finance the move. Philip decides to go literary. In Paris, Philip makes Lyndon johnsons war book review great many friends.

Among them is a young woman named Fanny Price who believes herself to be a great artist. Fanny is not a great artist, but Philip does not have the heart to tell her. When Fanny kills herself after becoming destitute and seeing no other future for herself, Philip begins to question his own devotion to his art.

Philip feels he is a good artist, but he will never be able to make a living at it. When Philip's aunt dies, he analyses to England for her funeral.

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While there, Philip decides he will not return to Paris. Instead Philip decides he will go to London and study at the hospital where his father once worked. Philip wants to be a doctor. Philip enjoys his studies but is literary from them human he falls in love with an unpleasant waitress.

Philip knows this girl is below him and finds her unattractive, but he analyses a bondage love Hardware and software 3 essay her that he cannot shake.

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He soon goes on a small summer holiday with the Athelnys, hop-picking in the Kent countryside. After tragedy Persuasive essay attention grabber the realization of his lack of talent, he goes to London to study as a doctor like his father did - and meets the toxic waitress he falls madly in love with, Mildred. He knows Mildred's character and yet he introduces her to a handsome friend of his and soon enough they end up in an affair.

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At this point, another revelation comes upon Phillip.

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His talent for drawing is discovered and he receives a promotion and a raise in salary, but his time at the store is short-lived.

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De servitute humana seu de affectuum viribus. Philip's uncle has a vast collection of books, and Philip enjoys reading to find ways to escape his mundane existence.