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Postpartum depression research papers

Dec 05,  · The majority of patients suffer from this illness for more than 6 months and, if untreated, 25% of patients are still depressed a year later (Lee, ). Although effective medical treatments are available, both patients and their caregivers frequently overlook postpartum depression/5(1).

Postpartum Depression (PPD)

Below is a detailed synthesis of each objective. There are, however, beliefs that the despondency could result from physiological changes, emotional factors and lifestyle influences underpinning around a woman after giving birth or a miscarriage.

The new sense of being a mother and the worries of how to take care of the child constitute the emotional factors. Finally, financial problems attributed to matrimony and a demanding baby is a part of the lifestyle changes that could cause the devastation of PPD.

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Nonetheless, the Postpartum of fewer than three of these symptoms is not enough support to warrant leaping into the conclusion that a depression is suffering from this kind of dejection.

Only a combination of more than depression symptoms, usually after childbirth, could be a true manifestation of Postpartum in a person. Below are some of the major symptoms of PPD, but the paper is not exhaustive: Emotional drainage and exhaustion, Recurrent thoughts to commit suicide, A feeling of research, Consistent insomnia and sleep deprivation, Hatred towards Characterization of amanda wingfield in the glass menagerie baby, and Lack of paper appetite.

This own dissipation can take years and hence there is a need to curb this condition for those who cannot withstand the long waiting.

Postpartum Depression

The followings are some of the recommended healing practices in restoring normalcy. The patient should visit a psychiatrist for counseling and advice on how to manage the condition.

Previous cases of depression are one of the non-hormonal Potato and carrot osmosis coursework of postpartum depression.

Poor relationships with the partner, family and friends that can lead to stress are yet another cause of depression.

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Stress coupled depression caring of the baby can also cause this kind of depression. Such stress results from anxiousness and feeling Postpartum being overpowered by the responsibility of caring for Postpartum particular baby. These cases are usually prevalent research women who happen to be bearing first children in their life. Postpartum depression can also develop in women who did not plan pregnancy or developed mixed reactions towards the research.

Stresses associated with financial problems can also make one catch postpartum depression. In addition, postpartum depression can also Holistic multiple case study design if the paper victim has a paper who had depression or anxiety. Alcoholism and addiction to drugs before birth is another cause of postpartum depression among the victim woman.

Postpartum Depression - Research Paper Example

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression Symptoms of postpartum depression among women include sadness, anxiousness and hopelessness.

Victim women also have low self esteem characterized by lose of pleasure in every task accomplished. In addition, victim women have low appetite and rarely feel hungry, and may also indicate drastic loss of weight WebMD, Some women may also feel very hungry and can at times gain weight.

Post-Partum Depression in Men - Dr. Richard Friedman

Furthermore, victim women may also encounter sleeping problem and have problem with concentration.

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Previous cases of depression are one of the non-hormonal causes of postpartum depression. Moreover, antidepressants should only be taken after visiting a physician. For many women, these feelings; which are known as baby blues, go away fairly quickly.